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From the day it was founded in 1998, Organica’s core DNA started and ended with design. Our wastewater facilities embody a new concept in wastewater design, blending nature with new architectural concepts and efficient engineering to produce beautiful botanical gardens that efficiently treat wastewater. As our journey continued and the industry around us started to catch up, eventually the demand for preliminary engineering designs far exceeded the supply we could generate with our talented team. This started us on a path towards developing a software tool to automate preliminary engineering. Process engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, and architectural engineers worked together with software engineers to codify the design procedure and build this first-of-its-kind engineering automation software. The software went through ongoing evolution and optimization, eventually launching to the public as Organica Central Station. The analogy we used at that time was that of a train station, with the idea being that “the train is leaving the station, either you get on and ride into the future of design in the industry, or you don’t and you get run over.” We later renamed it Design Generator, and in 2019 we launched the Transcend Water brand to focus exclusively on distribution of this revolutionary engineering automation software. For more information, please visit

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