Employee Testimonials

farkas-janos“Very nice, multicultural and young group of people makes the company more than just a workplace.”

Associate Director – FSO, China



bolgar-andrea“A place with an exceptional Research and Development Facility and with a Laboratory incorporating the leading practices in the industry.”

Senior Engineer – Technical Innovation & Data Management



“Organica is a no nonsense, get it done the right way place! I enjoy working with the passionate and friendly team for one of the greatest challenges faced by all of us to preserve our lifeline – Water!”

New Delhi




Péter Bohács „I love working at Organica because it a place where there is a real focus on allowing everybody to fulfill their potential. No matter what position you are hired originally, all the doors are open if you want to grow professionally. Combine that with a very open atmosphere and people who are really passionate about what they do and the result is best place I have ever worked at.”

Director – Engineering Services



ellen-xing “Great to have the opportunity to be involved in the environment management. To know the basic and in-depth knowledge, and realize how important the wastewater treatment to the whole human being! Our minor contribution to the wastewater treatment industry means a lot to the earth!”

Ellen XING
Associate Manager – Regional HR & Admin



denise-serridge “I love working at Organica for several reasons! First and foremost is the incredible work being done around the globe to treat and recycle our most precious resource – water. Second is being able to interact with and learn from awesome individuals made up of many different cultures. And lastly, it is the overall feeling of everyone on the team being passionate, energetic and driven to reach an amazing goal.”

Executive Assistant



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