By Ashley Varga

The coveted #fatberg.

My reaction after hearing this term from a colleague the other day, besides the initial uncontrollable laughter, was “is it equivalent to an iceberg but in a sewer…and fat?”

According to our good friend Wikipedia, it’s a congealed mass that forms in a sewer system.

These masses are made from a combination of non-biodegradable solid matter, such as wet wipes, congealed kitchen grease, and tampons (uh, gross). Side note: I don’t know how many times women need to be reminded but FYI, woman to woman… DON’T FLUSH YOUR HYGIENE PRODUCTS DOWN THE TOILET or Patty Potty will have some choice words for you.

Anyway, there are also way more disgusting items that people flush and SHOULDN’T, but you can use your imagination for that one. This channel is rated PG.

So, back to it, I WAS RIGHT.

This term is used to describe waste remnants that resemble an iceberg after formation… in the dirty depths of a sewer.

Is your curiosity getting the better of you?

Because it sure is for me.

To answer the BURNING question in all of our minds, here’s what a good ol’ berg looks like.

I’m. scared.

Okay, so these demons of the drainpipe form at the rough surfaces of sewers, where the fluid flow becomes turbulent.

See how big that thing is? No wonder it stops the water flow. IT’S MOUNT EVEREST OF THE PIPES.

Speaking of big, in January of this year, there was a sewer-berg (yes, I’ve officially renamed it) that formed in the southwestern English town Sidmouth. The monster measured 210ft.

210 FEET. Goodbye.

It took the sewer team EIGHT WEEKS to dissect and dispose of the mass.

I cannot imagine removing this thing. How are they removed?

Well, funny you (but really me) asked.

To attack the berg, high-pressure jets, shovels, and pickaxes are used.

Some of these ungodly masses are even as BIG AS JUMBO JETS. JETS!  ✈️


So, this is awkward to have to remind all of you but a word of advice to my fellow humans, after your duty is done…please don’t flush anything else down the toilet except for TP.

If you do, the sewer-berg will attack and then you’ll be the subject of the next blockbuster horror film.


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