Organica Bluehouse

Organica Bluehouse: A complete Organica FCR solution, pre-designed and assembled for installation

Organica Bluehouse is a complete Organica FCR-powered wastewater treatment and reuse solution, pre-assembled and containerized. Like all Organica facilities, Bluehouse offers compact, odorless and energy efficient treatment, all while providing a unique, botanical garden-like look and feel. As a result, Organica’s Bluehouse is an ideal choice for sustainable wastewater treatment and reclamation in lower flow applications.

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Applications and advantages

Organica Bluehouse is a perfect solution for smaller-size applications, including small communities, real estate development projects, hotels or resorts.

  • True Organica solution: odorless operation and attractive appearance with compact physical footprint
  • Pre-designed to allow rapid manufacturing and delivery
  • Factory-assembled for easy installation with minimal site work
  • Reliable and simple to operate with low staffing needs
  • Reuse quality effluent, which may be used for irrigation, cooling towers, and for other non-potable purposes
  • Onsite treatment eliminates need for sewage network connection
  • Preserves land value by reducing “psychological” footprint




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