Solving global wastewater challenges

Organica Water solves water problems. Through a combination of rapid client response times, innovative treatment facilities, and optimized facility operation, we provide solutions to the multitude of challenges faced by engineering firms, water utilities, contractors, governments, and developers all over the world.

Beautiful treatment facilities

By combining innovative wastewater technologies with a new architectural approach, we have created a more economic and efficient solution for urban/suburban wastewater management, implementing never-seen-before, botanical garden-like structures into the community landscape.

Practical digital solutions

With operator-focused Digital Services ranging from river monitoring to plant optimization to full O&M, Organica leverages digital technologies to create value for customers every day.


Our Mission

Organica Water’s mission is to provide products and services which enable customers all over
the world to build and operate space and energy efficient biological wastewater treatment
plants that blend harmoniously into urban and residential population centers.


Learn more about the Organica Food Chain Reactor (FCR), a fixed bed biofilm system utilizing both natural (plant) and engineered (patented biomodule) root structures, drastically reducing footprint, improving operational efficiency, all inside a beautiful botanical garden

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Explore our Digital Services, combining our expertise from more than 20 years of experience in process design, bio-kinetic modelling, and analytical sensors/instruments with best-in-class software, enabling operators to lower costs (power, sludge, chemical) and improve overall plant reliability

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How can I be a partner

Join Organica’s Market License Partner Program and become our exclusive partner
to introduce the future of the wastewater treatment industry in your country.

Organica Water partners with consulting engineers, GC/EPC contractors, real estate developers
and sales agents worldwide to promote and distribute its biological wastewater treatment solutions.
These partnerships offer a win-win proposition, as Organica gains increased distribution for its product-line and partners see
sales and profits growing thanks to the unique benefits of being able to offer Organica-powered WWTPs to their customer base.

Organica Water Worldwide

A proven solution adopted by the largest water companies and EPC contractors. Over 2 decades of experience. More than 120 plants operating or under construction worldwide.

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