Process background

Organica facilities utilize complex ecologies with the look and feel of botanical gardens.  Underneath the walking surface there are 5-6 m deep reactors teaming with life. The ecosystems in the reactors consume the contaminants in the wastewater producing superior quality reusable water. The reactors are arranged in a cascade fashion with pretreatment steps in the beginning and final polishing at the end, depending on the local requirements.

As water flows from one reactor to the other different ecologies will develop inc each reactor. Thus, the sub-ecosystems provide for enhanced removal efficiency while utilizing less energy and producing less sludge. The complex biology is managed by an intelligent process control software which regulates all engineering components necessary to maintain ideal conditions in the system.

Bacteria and higher organisms live in an attached form on fixed media inside the reactors.  Providing a stationary habitat allows an incredibly diverse and robust biofilm to grow and thrive, ultimately offering  significantly improved nutrient removal, energy efficiency, and resiliency, all in much less space than conventional technologies. 

The FCR Solution is designed to enhance the natural processes of complex ecosystems by creating considerably more diverse biology than those already in use in the industry. In addition to the bacteria found in traditional activated sludge systems, Organica facilities are populated by over 3,000 species of microbes, aquatic flora and fauna.