People Come First

At Organica, our people are our greatest asset. We believe that a company’s success or failure is 80% determined by the team, and only 20% by the rest of the factors (industry, technology, competition, etc). Our growth is a direct function of the collective growth of our team. We live every day by this principle, with a goal of attracting and retaining the best talent in the world. This means we work to maximize individual potential, encourage open collaboration and teamwork, and expand our people’s skillset and professional opportunities. Most importantly, we LISTEN to you, and we ACT when it makes sense to change something based on feedback.

Change the World

Untreated wastewater is one of the biggest causes of death and illness in the world. At Organica we are working to bring sustainable wastewater treatment solutions to people that truly need them, and thereby reducing the suffering caused by this massive problem. We don’t do this one facility at a time. On the contrary, our mission is to do this at SCALE, so we can impact as many lives as possible and ultimately make the world a better place… and to have a good time in the process.

Make the Difference

We feel that if you are doing something that is easy, most likely it is not worth doing. It is true that being part of a company this diverse, and selling into so many different cultures, and into a traditionally conservative industry, presents some tremendous challenges. But we face these challenges for a reason… that we are all part of ONE global family (the human race)…. that many members of that family are suffering…. and that at Organica we are working to solve some of the biggest challenges that family faces. “We will find a way” has become the Organica motto. When you work here, the team is always using its collective brainpower to find a way to overcome the challenges and achieve our mission.

Experience Diversity

By working at Organica you will have the opportunity to work with a team full of many different cultures. We have offices in five locations, and natives from at least 12 different countries that are part of our family. We have this amazing opportunity to meet people from all walks of life… from all kinds of cultures and backgrounds… to hear their stories and learn their histories… and to gain a better understanding of the world around us.

Become an “Organican”

Every individual that works at Organica is unique. However, we all share a set of common values which define our culture and describe the unique group of people that work at the company: the “Organicans”. The variety of cultures, personalities, skillsets, and driven people combine to form a fun and passionate group, working towards a common goal and having fun while doing so. If you share these values, you will find your place with us…. so apply to become an Organican today!


Open Positions Worldwide

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Open Positions Hungary

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Open Positions USA

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Open Positions Southeast Asia

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Open Positions India

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Open Positions Other Locations

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Employee Testimonials

Blanka Bolgár

Manager - Business Processes


Organica is a big, diverse family with fantastic members from all around the globe. Constant challenges and opportunities ensure the permanent self-development and the sense of self-accomplishment so essential for enjoying my job. These factors have in fact made me want to return after a short detour a few years ago, and I am glad I had the opportunity to do so.

Oliver Zhou

Field Services Engineer


It’s my sheer delight to work in Organica Water, which has, by far, the most receptive, pleasant and supportive working environment internally, sometimes it makes me feel like I am in a family. Here, people tend to work as a team under excellent and strong leaders who have extraordinary visions and wisdom managing the business.

Bodhisattwa Dasgupta

Head – Tendering and Services (Asia) & Associate Director – Sales (India)


Organica promotes free thinking. You can actually put up an idea in a open audience and it will be heard with lot of interest. Organica is a like big family with an amazing diversity. It’s truly a global company where all departments promote cross exchange of discussions and activities thus enabling each employee to achieve macro and micro level of understanding of various contexts under a diverse umbrella. Since we work in different countries and environments, we get multi-level experience which we effectively use in all our projects thus making them unique.


Senior Director - Project Delivery and FSO


Organica provided me a platform where I got the opportunity to express myself, work freely and received the leverage of being listened to. I appreciate management’s attitude, especially with regards to transparency, always encouraging employees to give their best and maximize their potential.

Denise Serridge

Executive Assistant


I love working at Organica for several reasons! First and foremost is the incredible work being done around the globe to treat and recycle our most precious resource – water. Second is being able to interact with and learn from awesome individuals made up of many different cultures. And lastly, it is the overall feeling of everyone on the team being passionate, energetic and driven to reach an amazing goal.

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