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Organica inducted into the Cleantech Hall of Fame (2020)

This year Organica was selected into the Cleantech 100 list again. We have been selected into this list every year in the last 7 years and this year Organica was inducted into the Cleantech Hall of Fame as well. The Global Cleantech 100 Hall of Fame is reserved for companies whose sustained excellence results in them appearing on the list an impressive seven times. The CleanTech Group is the oldest, most prestigious investor forum in the CleanTech industry. It represents more than $3 trillion in assets, and the Group’s global member network includes more than 8,000 investors, 6,000 companies, and 3,500 professional services organizations.

The “Company of the Year” award (Organica won this in 2013) is one of the most coveted recognition a company can get in the CleanTech industry. The “bottom up” voting process in which the 8000 investors are asked to nominate those companies which in their opinion will shape the future of their industries is secretive; the companies nominated are not even aware of their nominations. Organica’s induction into the Cleantech Hall of Fame acknowledges the company’s impact on the entire industry. It is a worldwide recognition that the future of wastewater treatment is defined largely by Organica’s approach.

Organica’s plant specialist presents at the Beyond 2020 – World Sustainable Built Environment conference

Laszlo Tutor, Horticultural & Innovation Specialist discussed how Organica designs wastewater treatment in urban centers.

Global Water Intelligence Magazine’s interview with Attila Bodnar, Co-Founder of Organica

Global Water Intelligence Magazine with our Co-Founder, Attila Bodnar about the most exciting developments in our industry. # wastewater treatment.

Organica wins Visionary Innovation Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan

According to Frost & Sullivan, a highly respected global consultancy , a Visionary Innovation Leadership position enables a market participant to deliver highly competitive products and solutions that transform the way individuals and businesses perform their daily activities. Such products and solutions set new, long-lasting trends in how technologies are deployed and consumed by businesses and end users.

Most important, they deliver unique and differentiated benefits that can greatly improve business performance as well as individuals’ work and personal lives. These improvements are measured by customer demand, brand strength, and competitive positioning. “With its innovative approach towards designing and implementing wastewater treatment plants and its passionate pursuit of aesthetics and sustainability, Organica earns Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 Visionary Innovation Leadership Award in the global decentralized wastewater treatment market”.

Organica invited to speak at the São Paulo State Federation of Industries

2019 FIESP – Federação das Indústrias do Estado de São Paulo – Senior Business Development Manager Peter Varga was invited to speak at The São Paulo State Federation of Industries. This Federation hosted the Hungarian-Brazilian business forum where Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto launched the event with a speech that showcased Hungary’s water innovation capabilities. Organica was one of three companies here selected to make a brief presentation about what we do and who we are, and this was very-well received by the audience.

Organica invited to participate in a panel at the Budapest Water Summit 2019

Organica EVP Attila Bodnar was invited to speak on a panel with the subject of urban water sustainability. The Budapest Water Summit was organized by the Government of Hungary for the third time on 15-17 October 2019 with the motto „Preventing Water Crises”. The Summit was opened by H.E. Mr János Áder, President of the Republic of Hungary. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary was responsible for the full preparation and conduct of the Summit and all related events.

Organica showcased by the Dubai Municipality at 2019 WETEX

The leading global Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition, organized by DEWA, since 1999, under the guidance of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, and under the Patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Minister of Finance of the UAE and President of DEWA, in line with Dubai’s vision to build a sustainable future. Dubai Municipality (DM) showcased at their own booth (one of the largest and most popular booths in WETEX) the Organica Technology.

Organica invited to present at the 2019 ALADYR Conference (Latin America Reuse and Desal Association)

Organica was invited to participate in this important conference. The Ambassador of Hungary in Argentina, Dr. Csaba Gelényi, joined Fluence-Organica for the key meetings to follow up on previous discussions with AYSA, ABSA and the Secretary of Water Resources and their commitments to develop the first Organica demo site in the city of Buenos Aires.

Organica invited to participate in a panel at the Global Water Summit 2019

Organica participated in a 90-minute session under the title “How to halve the cost of wastewater treatment.” The session event was hosted by Isle, an independent technology and innovation consultancy. Their team consists of highly skilled engineers and scientists with extensive and diverse consulting expertise. The session was broken into three parts (collection, treatment and bioresources) and involved the showcasing of 20+ innovative and ground-breaking technologies. Also, in attendance was a panel of international utility executives on the stage who served commentary on the technologies. They selected 3 technologies for a more detailed discussion, and Organica was one of them..

Organica invited to present at the 2019 Isle Utilities, Urban Resilience TAG 3 Event

Isle is an independent technology and innovation consultancy that brings together technical and commercial specialists to facilitate relationships. Organica was invited to Milan, Italy to attend Isle Utilities’ Urban Resilience TAG 3 Event where we presented our solutions to utilities in Europe and other stakeholders in Italy.

Organica presents at the 2019 IWA IADB Conference – Guayaquil, Ecuador

Organica was invited to present as part of the Isle Utilities Innovation forum in Latin America. This international platform is an event that is part of the IWA Sustainability in the water sector Specialist Group to discuss advances in sustainable use of water, cities, industry, and agriculture. The purpose of this conference is to move IWA, in collaboration with other stakeholders, further down the path of implementing sustainable use of water in three specific venues—industry, agriculture, and cities.

Organica presents at 2018 ALADYR Congress – Chile

(Desalination and Water Reuse Association of Latin America). Organica presented during the main conference sessions on day one. The presentation, focused on how to enhance land value through “localization” of WWTPs, had a very large level of attendance and we even had to arrange a second session later in the day for some people that could not attend the first one.

Organica invited to participate in a panel at the 2018 WEFTEC Conference

(largest water industry conference in the US) It was the Current Innovators Forum panel. Organica CEO Ari Raivetz participated on the panel with a number of key industry leaders ( to discuss Digital Transformation

Organica presents at the WEFTEC Knowledge Development Forum (2018. Oct.)

Organica’s Associate Director of Process Engineering and Modeling presented on control strategies at the during the first day of the event.

Organica presents at the IWA Word Water Congress and Exhibition (2018 Sept., Tokyo)

Organica co-presented with Melbourne Water and Downer Utilities a study on Organica’s FCR operations

Organica wins Environment and Climate Change Award in South Africa (2018)

by The Institute of Municipal Engineering of Southern Africa (IMESA) and the Consulting Engineers of South Africa (CESA).

The Institute of Municipal Engineering of Southern Africa (IMESA) is a country wide plaform of municipal engineers and local government municipalities. Together with the Consulting Engineers of South Africa they represent the entire professional landscape of the country. The IMESA Awards recognize outstanding achievements in municipal infrastructures. The Organica Wastewater Resource Reclamation Pilot Facility is have been awarded in the Environment and Climate Change category. The facility is received this award because of its outstanding demonstration in civil engineering and its showcasing of ways in which engineering enhances the lives of local communities, as well as architectural achievements through innovation, design and construction.

Organica Water Resource Reclamation Demonstration Plant Places 2nd for Environment and Climate IMESA Award

Organica wins Paulson Prize for Sustainable Cities-Honorable Mention (保尔森可持续发展城市奖荣誉提名)

by Paulson Prize for Sustainable Cities

The Prize is awarded annually to a project in China that represents a best practice in sustainable urbanization and helps advance China’s transition to a more sustainable economy. The Paulson Prize for Sustainable Cities, which was launched in 2013 is co-hosted by the Tsinghua University. The Wusong project in Shanghai is recognized as successfully addressing the toughest problems faced by the big cities in Asia.

Organica wins Corporate Growth Award (2018)

by The Association for Corporate Growth – New Jersey

The award honors companies that employ innovative strategies, nurture a culture that encourages continuous excellence, and demonstrate sustained growth as a result of their efforts.

Organica wins Best Presentation/Paper and Best Innovation prize at the ALADYR conference (2018)

by the Technical Committee of ALADYR Conference – Best Presentation/Paper and Best Innovation

Organica’s presentation at the Aladyr conference on “Water Reuse Gardens” was unanimously awarded by the Technical Committee of the conference as Best Presentation/Paper and Best Innovation. ALADYR’s (Latin American Association of Desalination and Water Reuse) purpose is to promote, protect and develop technologies and projects in desalination and water treatment, water reuse and low consumption standards for sustainability and environmental respect to deliver a better water future for Latin America and the rest of the world.

Organica Water Presents at ALADYR Conference

Organica CEO presents at the BAPPENAS/Jakarta Transversal Waterways Seminar (2018 Aug.)

Organica CEO presented to the Ministry of Planning & Development Agency for the NCICD (National Capital Integrated Coastal Development) projects to discuss how Organica can help with this issue. The attendees included various leading academics from all over Indonesia, key stakeholders in the Central and City Government, and the meeting was chaired by the Director of Water and Irrigation of Bappenas.

2018. July. Organica CEO presented to MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation), who are the lead agency in driving the digital economy in Malaysia. They are the key driver for digital initiatives and communicate across the ministries for digital technology adoption. The presentation was the first of its kind for them in the water sector and they were keen to engage necessary stakeholders on their upcoming discussions to deliberate their digital initiatives.

Organica presents on a panel at the Singapore International Water Week (2018 July)

The most attended event in the water industry across Asia. Organica COO Akhil Barar represented Organica on the panel which spoke about the challenges of growing/doing business in various geographies across the world. Later that same day, Akhil was invited to attend Aqua Conversations which was chaired by the Chairman of the Urban Development Ministry of Singapore and a senior adviser to the Prime Minister of Singapore

Organica receives China Water Industry Starlight Award 2017 (2017 水业星光奖)

By China Water Association

Awarded during the Qingdao International Water conference, it recognized Organica as one of the most advanced water technologies of the past year in China.

Organica receives Best Performer in Global Expansion award (2017)

Idinvest International Award

Idinvest is a US 7 bn leading European investment fund. Its investees include more than 200 SMEs which are primarily based in Europe, and most of these companies are trying to expand their operations beyond Europe. This year Idinvest decided to establish an award to recognize the best performers in terms of their global expansion. This award is a recognition of Organica’s track record in expanding its operations beyond the initial market and its ability to firmly establish itselfs in new markets around the globe.

Organica receives Best Practices Award for Global Biological Wastewater Treatment (2017)

by Frost and Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan is a world renown business consulting firm involved in market research and analysis, across multiple industries. Its global team of analysts and consultants continuously research a wide range of markets across multiple sectors and geographies. As part of this ongoing research, they identify companies that consistently invest in new technologies, allowing them to carve out a unique and defensible position within their industries. This involves extensive primary and secondary research across the entire value chain of specific products and/or technologies

Organica named Cleantech Connect Most Innovative Company (2016)

by GP Bullhound, selected from over 150 companies by esteemed panel of judges from across the Cleantech Sector

Connect Awards is a leading Cleantech industry event organized by GP Bullhound, a leading technology investment bank. Since its inception in 2008, Connect Awards became the one of the events to watch for recognition of companies for their entrepreneurship in energy and sustainability. The organizers screened 400 companies and shortlisted 20 who were then invited to present to the Judging Panel. The Judges selected one company in seven categories that stand out for the Judges’ Awards.

Organica wins The Best Solution Suppliers of the Year Award (年度优秀解决方案提供商)

The award was given by, the biggest online platform of B-B business in China. Organica received the award for being recognized as one of the most promising wwtp technology (2016).

Organica named Top Ten Global Innovative Company by Lux Research (2015)

By Lux Reserach which is a well known global independent research and advisory firm, providing strategic advice and ongoing intelligence on emerging technologies.
In searching for the most innovative companies globally Lux Research analysts profiled 1,189 companies across 20 different emerging technologies and selected the 10 most innovative. Organica was deemed to be one of the 10, determining the future of wastewater treatment globally.

Organica named Best Overall Innovation Winner (2013)

by CIWEM West Midlands Institute of Water, Innovations Showcase, United Kingdom CIWEM represents and supports a community of thousands of members and organisations in over 89 countries who are dedicated to improving water and environmental management for the benefit of the public.
CIWEM’s aim is to work towards a safer,more sustainable world. The organization is a global community of water and environmental professionals dedicated to working for the public benefit. As an independent charity CIWEM champions professional standards, impartiality and the use of scientific evidence in the management of the environment.

Organica wins Global Cleantech “Company of the Year” - Europe & Israel (2013)

by the Cleantech Group

The CleanTech Group is the oldest, most prestigeous investor forum in the CleanTech industry. It represents more than $3 trillion in assets, and the Group’s global member network includes more than 8,000 investors, 6,000 companies, and 3,500 professional services organizations. The „Company of the Year” award is one of the most coveted recognition a company can get in the CleanTech industry. The „bottom up” voting process in which the 8000 investors are asked to nominate those companies which in their opinon will shape the future of their industries is secretive, the companies nominated are not even aware of their nominations. There are only three such titles awared each year, one for each of Asia. America, and Europe&Israel. Organica’s recognition as the Company of the Year in 2013 by the Cleantech Group put the company instantly on the map of the entire CleanTech investment community. It was a worldwide recognition that the future of wastewater treatment is defined lagely by Organica’s approach.

Organica is in Global Cleantech’s TOP 100 list (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

by the Cleantech Group

In addition to being the Company of the Year in 2013, Organica has been on the CleanTech Group Global TOP 100 list for seven consecutive years