The Organica Water Resource Reclamation Demonstration Plant won a 2nd place IMESA award in the category of Environment and Climate Change at the 2018 IMESA conference.

The IMESA Awards recognize outstanding achievements in municipal infrastructures. eThekwini, with its Wastewater Resource Reclamation Pilot Facility is proud to have been awarded 2nd place in the Environment and Climate Change category. The Facility, using Organica’s FCR technology is receiving this award because of its outstanding demonstration in civil engineering and its showcasing of ways in which engineering enhances the lives of local communities, as well as architectural achievements through innovation, design and/or construction.

The IMESA conference, which will be taking place at the Boardwalk Hotel in Port Elizabeth, South Africa from October 31st – November 2nd, will be hosting its award ceremony on Tuesday, October 30, 2018. Awards being featured will be in the categories of Engineering Excellence in Structures & Civils, Environment and Climate Change and Community Upliftment & Job Creation.

The IMESA (Institute of Municipal Engineering of Southern Africa) annual conference creates opportunities for individuals to gain valuable information and insight into issues facing the municipal engineering environment. The issues are challenged via the best engineering practices and offers the opportunity to share and discuss ideas with municipal representatives, engineers and associates through local municipalities.

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Ednick Msweli, head of municipality at eThekwini Water and Sanitation commented on the plant, stating that it’s the municipality’s goal “to provide all access to appropriate, acceptable, safe and affordable basic water supply and sanitation services. The Organica demonstration plant allows us to apply innovative and sustainable technology to the water and sanitation services we provide to the people of eThekwini, specifically in the realm of wastewater services.”

The reclamation demonstration plant, located in Verulam, South Africa at the Verulam Wastewater Treatment Facility serves dual purposes. The Organica plant primarily showcases the FCR Solution’s advanced capabilities of reducing stress on the overloaded facility, which was already operating on the site.

 “An Organica-powered facility is more than just a wastewater treatment plant. It is also a water reclamation garden, educational facility, and symbol of sustainability in the community that enables cost-efficient water reuse and allows for maximized development opportunities, particularly in populated areas where footprint and odor are significant concerns.” – Oscar Palomino, Senior Manager of Organica Water

Organica Water provides products and services which enable customers all over the world to build and operate space and energy efficient biological wastewater treatment plants that blend harmoniously into urban and residential population centers. The Organica Wastewater solution offers a significantly reduced physical footprint and lower operational & infrastructure costs when compared to conventional wastewater treatment solutions, all in the form of a pleasant botanical garden-like environment.