Organica Water teams with VinGroup, the 7th largest company in Vietnam, to build an innovative 38,000 M3/day (10 MGD) wastewater treatment facility in a community with a beautiful saltwater lake and white sandy beaches.

Inspired by the most beautiful coastal cities in the world such as New York (USA), Australia (Sydney), Copenhagen (Denmark), Vancouver (Canada), and Singapore, Vincity Ocean Park is the first “Ocean City” to be built in the heart of Hanoi.

Vinhomes (a subsidiary of VinGroup, a $5 billion annual revenue multi-national) contacted Organica Water to discuss the Ocean Parks facility in June 2019. These conversations are part of a broader cooperation to apply Organica’s unique solution for wastewater management across Vinhomes vast real estate portfolio.  As part of the cooperation Organica will also be providing Digital Operation and Maintenance Services for these facilities.

This is Organica’s first project in Vietnam and 15th project in the ASEAN region over the past 4 years. Vietnam – a country of 95 million – is facing the challenge of trying to keep pace with increasing environmental pollution associated with rapid urbanization, especially in the larger cities. Over the past 20 years, the Government of Vietnam has made considerable efforts to develop urban sanitation policies, legislations, and regulations, and to invest in urban sanitation including wastewater treatment systems.

With more than 60% of the population connected to a sewage network but only 10% of that wastewater being treated, the country offers tremendous growth opportunities for Organica in the coming years.

Organica Water has over two decades of experience in the wastewater treatment industry and 118 plants built or under construction worldwide.  Organica’s mission is to provide products and services which enable customers around the world world to build and operate space and energy-efficient biological wastewater treatment plants that blend harmoniously into urban and residential population centers, ultimately lowering infrastructure costs and facilitating reuse and recycling of treated wastewater.

Look out for more news with Vinhomes and collaborations with Organica Water in the near future!


About Organica Water

Organica Water is a global provider of innovative solutions for the treatment and recycling of wastewater.  Organica’s portfolio of solutions for wastewater treatment covers the full value chain, from Design to Facility construction (leveraging the Organica Food Chain Reactor solution) and Operations Management (focused on its Digital Services offering).


About VinGroup

A portmanteau of ‘Vietnam’ and ‘Group’, is a Vietnamese conglomerate focusing on real estate development, retail, and services ranging from healthcare to hospitality.


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