Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen continues to boom with industrial expansion under Organica Water solutions

Foxconn Technology Group is one of the largest manufacturing plants in Shenzhen, China. Located in the bustling city of Shenzhen, 200,000+ individuals live and work here each day, making for an influx of wastewater.

In accordance with the Chinese National regulations that needed to be followed back when this facility was commissioned and started operation in 2014, the site was required to provide wastewater treatment to meet the needs of the ever-growing business park. It was pertinent the treatment of this park maintains the ability to produce clean, reusable water to thousands of business professionals and civilians alike.

Foxconn Technology Group assembles most of the world’s electronics across the globe, including Apple Inc.’s iPhone and iPod. This manufacturing community is surrounded by high rise buildings, busy roads and very little green space. In order to meet the community’s needs, the Organica Water facility needed to be squeezed into the overloaded area while providing a valuable green environment for residents and professionals to thrive in.

The problem with the site, before Organica Water solutions helped Shenzhen lower the city’s carbon footprint immensely, was the industrial and urban building expansion created a serious shortage of potable water in the city. These shortages threatened to slow down Shenzhen’s economic activity, which would have created a huge problem for the area. A series of subsequent floods in the area exacerbated the problem and were partially to blame for the hasty decision to construct canals and wastewater treatment plants without the proper coordination to other parts of the water system in the city.

Organica Water’s wastewater solution not only solved the necessary wastewater treatment issues but also provided additional advantages to the area, as the facility continues to operate in 2018. As an added benefit, Organica Water’s greenhouse design created a friendly space amid concrete and manufacturing plants in the city. With this lowered footprint, the Organica Water solution manages to continue producing discharge readily available for reuse, including an Ammonia limit of 5 mg/l and a TSS of 10 mg/l.

With this facility serving a population of 18,000 and having a capacity of 3,000 m3/d, the Organica Water solution added to the succession of the industrial boom for the city and helped to further emphasize Shenzhen as one of the most important international and economically dynamic cities in not only China, but also the world.

The implementation of this wastewater treatment plant helped to improve working conditions for Foxconn’s employees, and with the lush addition to their otherwise highly urbanized neighborhood, a more sustainable lifestyle to live in.