Telki, Hungary

Solving a growing town’s wastewater needs with Organica Water

The community of Telki experienced rapid growth in the 1990’s, causing the town’s existing wastewater treatment plant to reach its maximum capacity. As a result, Telki found it necessary to replace their facility with a new treatment plant. In addition to capacity limitations, the growth of the community increased land value significantly. Further, siting of the new facility was a serious challenge with the only land available sitting amongst Central Europe’s largest private hospital and other high-value properties. With expensive estates, a golfcourse, a polo facility, and rolling vineyards as neighbours, expanding the conventional and outdated wastewater treatment plant was not an attractive option. Telki wanted to solve its wastewater treatment needs without needing to compromise visual appearance and risk the disappointment of locals.

The Organica solution was chosen for its compact design (fitting on the same land as the original facility), garden-like appearance and odourless operation, perfect for holding the community’s high aesthetic standards and land values. Organica facilities’ uniquely efficient operation over a range loading rates also makes the solution ideal for the town’s future expansion expectations.

Since beginning operation in 2004, the Organica facility has delivered reliable wastewater treatment, with effluent quality consistently below regulatory limits. The facility has also kept up with the town’s growing needs, and now also serves the country’s largest sports complex. In addition, due to the pleasing visuals and odourless operation, the historically imposed buffer zone around the facility has been reduced from 250m to 50m, freeing up valuable land for further development.


Parameter Influent Design (mg/l) Actual Influent (mg/l) Design Limit (mg/l) Actual Discarge (mg/l)
COD 700 890 125 52
BOD 385 430 25 9
NH4-N 54 64,00 10 3,00
TN 61 87 35 10,00
TP 10 21 5 1
TSS 400 426 35 9