Anshun, China

Organica’s Super-fast-paced Anshun Upgrade

Sitting in Guizhou province’s highlands at 1,380m high, mountains peaking on every edge of the horizon and sparkling river’s rushing to dense mountain lakes and the Huangguoshu Waterfall, the Anshun plant is certainly a spectacular place to witness.



A scenic place like this should be a main attraction for touristic interest, however a lack of sufficient wastewater treatment used to largely offset this beautiful view.

With the old treatment plant struggling to keep within discharge limits, it polluted the Nanma River. And as the plant was located right along one of the main entry roads of the city, it was a major roadblock to attracting tourist traffic.

With the city of Anshun, looking to make itself as green, hospitable and attractive as possible, there was no way the old-fashioned wastewater treatment facility could remain feasible in the region.



With Beijing Capital Water (BCG) requiring immediate action, Organica was looking at an extremely fast-moving project, requiring quick and reliable innovation in order to bring high-quality results to upgrade the facility.

In simple numbers, the whole sales cycle of the project only lasted 3 months, while delivery of the project components only took two and a half months. With superior scheduling and strategic thinking, we are happy to announce that the facility is now ready.

The Organica-powered wastewater treatment plant now treats wastewater of the equivalent of 85,000 households, while fully integrating into the mountainous landscape and generating crystal clear effluent, suitable for the region’s green environment.



Along with the EPC contractor of the project, BCG Aihua, Organica has managed to effectively utilize available land and reduce operational expenses to create the final piece of the puzzle for turning the city of Anshun into a truly sustainable, green touristic center just in the nick of time.