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Organica Water offers wastewater facility operators the ability to outsource the plant’s operations in full, or in specifically targeted areas of need.

What is Organica Water Digital Services?

Organica Water’s Digital Services combine decades of experience and advanced digital software, designed to optimize facility performance and ensure the operator receives the appropriate level of technology support through the entire life of the wastewater facility. These packages are designed to facilitate anything from day-to-day operation of the wastewater facility to data analysis and support to reduce energy, chemical, or sludge costs for our clients.

What we can offer you with an Organica Water Digital Services Partnership:

  • Free high-level audit of your facility
  • Free analysis of your plant’s operational data
  • Proposal to track achievable results


All Digital Packaging services are offered to old & problematic facilities, as well as new facilities, Food Chain Reactor (FCR) facilities, non-FCR, etc.

In all packages, using the built-in protocols of the process control software, the respective wastewater facility is connected to Organica’s Plant Performance Center. Operational data is fed into sophisticated mathematical models driven by artificial intelligence systems. These systems allow us to conduct special pattern matching and recognition protocols, helping extend the capabilities of the local process control software and fine tuning the parameters of the local system (if necessary) to optimize your plant’s peak performance.

These services can also contain periodic reviews from Organica’s process experts who, based on the data and evaluation, compile a report focusing on strong and weak points of the operation, along with suggestions for improvements in terms of both water quality and economic improvements (e.g. energy consumption).

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Contact us to become an Organica partner!