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Organica Water partners with consulting engineers, GC/EPC contractors, real estate developers, and sales agents worldwide to promote and distribute its biological wastewater treatment solutions. These partnerships offer a win-win proposition, as Organica gains increased distribution for its product-line and partners see sales and profits growing thanks to the unique benefits of being able to offer Organica-powered wastewater treatment plants (WWTP’s) to their customer base.

Organica Water has developed a truly unique yet reliable approach to treating wastewater, enabling customers all over the world to address urban challenges in a cost and land efficient manner.

Optimized savings and reduced footprint

MM2100, Indonesia

Organica’s partnership enhances wastewater infrastructure operation by offering solutions which save energy and are digitally enabled to ensure optimized performance for the life of the facility.

The combination of smaller reactor volumes, no need for large clarifiers, and creative architectural design results in 60% smaller physical footprints than an activated sludge design of the same application. The smaller physical footprint results in less land usage and reduced construction costs when compared to alternative approaches. Organica facilities are 30% cheaper in OPEX compared to conventional treatment facilities.

With an attractive greenhouse design and none of the typical wastewater treatment plant odors, the garden-like appearance of an Organica Food Chain Reactor (FCR) offers a significantly reduced “psychological” footprint. This results in almost no buffer zone requirement around the WWTP, preserving valuable land for development in locations where real estate values are high, and dramatically reducing infrastructure costs by allowing wastewater to be treated close to the source.
Organica’s FCR facility is ideal for municipalities, offering a smaller physical footprint, lower energy consumption, and improved treatment results compared to other activated sludge-based facilities.

The shading structure in an Organica facility makes them perfect for warmer or more tropical climates. Organica has references around the world, with two examples (MM2100 in Indonesia and Laguna Technopark in the Philippines) shown below.

Laguna Technopark, Philippines

Organica Water offers retrofit flexibility

With limited civil works, Organica can transform an unsightly conventional facility to an efficient urban water reuse garden to improve effluent quality, capacity, or operational costs.

There are multiple reasons why retrofitting an existing facility to an Organica Water powered FCR facility is ideal. Retrofitting increases the capacity of a plant that could be short in existing capacity and is overloaded.

Retrofitting also helps facilities meet stricter effluent requirements by treating flow in a smaller portion of the reactor. By freeing up reactor volume, further treatment steps can be taken.

MM2100, Indonesia


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