We are happy to announce Organica’s very own Wusong Upgrade Project has been awarded the „Honorable Mention” award at the 2018 Paulson Prize for Sustainable Cities. The Paulson Prize is an annually commissioned award, representing China’s best practices in sustainable urbanization. The award is aimed at highlighting outstanding projects in the China, inspiring the spread of environmental and economic solutions, achieve ambitious climate, air quality, and economic growth goals as it continues its rapid urbanization.

After being evaluated against 40 other applicants across the country the Wusong Upgrade Project was shortlisted in the Top10 for sustainable cities projects in December of 2017, Part of the evaluation process included an independent Jury Committee, chaired by former Chicago mayor Richard Daley. Also present were leading experts from the US and China in the fields of sustainable development, finance, ecology, energy, and climate change. For final determination these leaders visited Organica’s Shanghai Office to decide on the winner.

Organica Water takes great pride in placing in such a prestigious list of companies and looks forward to bringing Organica Water’s Sustainable Solution to more cities around the world!