Organica-Powered Controls for Efficient Operations

Comprehensive, integrated, high performance control systems

Advanced Process Control

To ensure wastewater processes and equipment are working as designed, today’s wastewater treatment facilities use Process Control Systems to manage day-to-day facility operations. As a result, these control systems are a crucial, and often overlooked, component of successful and efficient WWTP operation.

Due to this importance, the Process Control System for each and every Organica facility is designed and implemented by highly-trained engineers, using market leading software, hardware, and instrumentation. This allows Organica to ensure continuous and reliable performance under a range of operating conditions. This advanced control also minimizes operational costs through the lifetime of the facility.

Enhancing efficient site operations, systems can be designed for Organica to remotely access the system and provide value-added Operational Supervision Services, further improving facility operations. These services help improve effluent water quality, minimise energy consumption, reduce sludge production, and optimise chemical usage.

Powerful Functionality

The Organica Process Control System is a combination of instruments, input/output units, PLCs, operator stations, and SCADA system to collect, analyse and display real-time operational information and control the operation of the facility.

This integrated architecture facilitates a seamless, efficient, and responsive operational process with:

  • Minimal operational costs
  • User-friendly and intuitive interfaces
  • Reliable data collection
  • Stable and consistent process automation
  • Sophisticated analytical tools
  • Secure remote access for process monitoring
  • Intelligent alarm management with optional remote notifications

Quality Data for Quality Operation

An Industry-first Monitoring and Control Platform Efficient operation requires quality data. Recognizing this important fact, Organica has developed an industry-first analytical software (designed by market-leading inCTRL solutions) to maximise data reliability, instantly evaluating and scrubbing “noise” from collected data. Based on a precise set of calculations and process models, this platform ensures accurate data reporting and documentation.

Accessing this precise data, Organica can perform regular process simulations to identify improvements in operational strategy, and apply them remotely through the same software platform. These strategy changes often include set point adjustments, while the platform also supports remote PLC programming to acquire the most effective results.

Customized Organica Software Package

Along with the SCADA system, Organica programs the software package to control the complete Organicapowered facility. Resulting software solutions are tailored to each individual facility, ensuring stable process operation with consistent effluent quality, all while minimizing operational costs.

Market-Leading Control and Instrumentation Partners

Organica partners only with market-leading companies to supply the highest quality automation and instrumentation equipment.

SIEMENS SIMATIC PCS 7 system and instruments

SIEMENS is a global leader in electronics and electrical engineering, and has a core expertise in delivering sophisticated automation hardware and software for over 100 years. Organica works closely with SIEMENS Water/ Wastewater group, which is a market leader in automating water and wastewater infrastructure around the globe. Organica has built its own library in the SIEMENS SIMATIC PCS 7 system, which allows us to deliver the most advanced control systems in a cost and resource efficient manner. We also leverage cutting-edge instrumentations from SIEMENS for non-analytical purposes, with a focus on the electromagnetic flowmeters and pressure/ level transmitters.

s::can sensors

s::can is the world leader in online water quality measurement, providing a highly differentiated approach that leverages ultraviolet spectrometry for real-time measurement, down to the parts per billion level. Today, s::can’s product range includes state-of-the-art measuring instruments for nearly all key wastewater parameters. Whether it is a simple pH sensor, a complex spectral probe measuring BOD, TSS and COD or a highly sensitive ion-selective probe measuring Ammonium and Nitrate, all s::can measuring instruments are intelligent and compatible with third-party systems. By combining Organica’s complete solution with s::can’s analytical instrumentation, Organica is able to leverage reliable and quality wastewater data in real-time to remotely monitor and control Organica-powered facilities upon commissioning of a project.

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