Wastewater is all around you. From the water running down your shower drain to the runoff that comes from wet roads, this is a byproduct of our modern lifestyle. Thanks to advanced wastewater treatment technology, the water you drink and shower in is filtered and treated to remove any contaminants like sewage or chemicals.

But are you aware of the effects wastewater has on the natural world? Here’s a quick look at just how harmful wastewater is and why wastewater treatment technologies are so important for the natural world.

Natural Bodies of Water

Both bodies of freshwater and saltwater are polluted every day by untreated wastewater. In fact, the U.S. EPA estimates that almost 1.2 trillion gallons of sewage from household and industrial sources is dumped into the nation’s water every single year, or about 3.28 billion gallons a day. And, yes, that was trillion with a “T” and billion with a “B”. This not only creates an unsafe environment for marine life, it creates hazards for humans as well. The importance of wastewater treatment design and infrastructure is especially relevant with bodies of fresh water, as these materials would end up in your home if water wasn’t treated properly.

Groundwater and Water Tables

Numerous parts of the world are currently suffering from water scarcity (and that includes U.S. states like California), which means clean water is of the utmost importance. When wastewater is discharged on these dry lands, it can seep into the underground water tables and well sources. Because we need to draw from these natural bodies of water for generations to come, this can render entire water supplies useless for people in multiple locations.

Natural Ecosystems

Every ecosystem relies on water in some regard. And when water is contaminated by sewage, toxic chemicals, or any number of other man-made forms of waste, those ecosystems are put at serious risk. Not only that, but surface and underground water are connected, always. Reckless disposal of waste can contaminate a far wider range of animals and environments than you may even know.

The Organica Way

Current wastewater treatment technologies may help prevent some of these issues, but they also come at the cost of large, industrial facilities that can have adverse environmental effects themselves. At Organica Water, we believe there’s a better way. Our facilities utilize live biofilms on plants or engineered structures inside a fully enclosed area. Unlike most water treatment plants there are no bad smells or eyesores, which means they can be built even in densely packed urban areas. Most importantly, this unique wastewater treatment design results in a cleaner and greener wastewater management plant.

Treating wastewater is a process that helps protect our planet and all the creatures living on it, including you! A cleaner future is possible, but it will have to start with a new approach to an old problem.