Coming from a background of both sales and engineering, Akhil Barar holds a unique entrepreneurial perspective. Akhil understands that without the proper synergy between the backgrounds, no company can grow. By applying this innovative principal to Organica solutions and with help from the rest of the Organica team, our company has grown immensely as a with presently 100+ plants operating globally and more currently being commissioned in 2018.


“If you think something is wrong, question or fix it. Either way, you [and your company] will win.”

Akhil Barar spent 8 years in the desalination and water treatment industry before deciding to move on to a different but new approach with a similar concept. Seeking something unique and attractive, he found his way to Organica Water.

Like most start-up’s, Organica offered Akhil a more vibrant, fresh and progressive approach to the industry. In an extremely dynamic start-up environment, Akhil was given the opportunity to grow and improve both personally and professionally. Akhil has applied his entrepreneurial and innovative engineering skills to accelerate the growth of Organica’s sustainable wastewater treatment solutions globally.

With over 100 facilities operating or under construction around the world, Organica Water is a global provider of innovative solutions for the localized treatment and recycling of wastewater. Organica treatment plants are odor free, and with the appearance of botanical gardens provide an eco-friendly solution while subsequently creating a reduced carbon footprint. Combined with Organica’s Digital design and operating solutions, Organica Water can provide high value-added services to the water industry.

Akhil joined Organica in 2009 as Head of Engineering Services. At present, he serves as COO of the company. Akhil is responsible for managing Business Development, Sales, Project Delivery and Engineering disciplines.

Q. What initially attracted you to Organica?
A. After spending 8 years in the water industry, I had decided to move on since it was a rat race everywhere – Similar EPCs, similar technologies and the same old story about saving 1 or 2% on construction or equipment. Organica offered a different approach and concept, which seemed unique and attractive.
Q. What were your expectations when you joined Organica?
A. I expected to find something fresh, vibrant and progressive.
Q. What’s something you’ve taken away from COO of Organica?
A. A start-up environment is extremely dynamic. Nothing should be taken as a given and there is always room to improve/innovate/progress.
Q. What is the most challenging part about being COO of Organica? What is the most rewarding?
A. Challenging – Balancing work across different time zones, there is never a dull moment in the day ☺!
Rewarding – The learning curve is steep and will continue to be for many years. Second, it is great to nurture something from so small and see it developing into a force in the industry that has the potential to overhaul the complete concept of wastewater management in urban centers of the world.
Q. How has being COO impacted or influenced you?
A. It has taught me to realize more deeply the importance of training, mentoring and delegation.
As a person, it pushed me to the limit of my mental and physical capabilities which is not always a great thing, but it allows you to achieve new heights of efficiency and find time when you felt no more existed.
Q. What does a typical work day for you entail?
A. Early morning catch-up with main issues, a few video calls with different departments/countries, reading/responding to 100+ emails, a few ad-hoc/urgent phone calls and usually some type of innovation to manage a situation.
Q. How do you keep yourself organized while constantly traveling?
A. My laptop rucksack and my assistant!
Q. What three words would you use to describe Organica’s culture?
A. Vibrant, Progressive, Extremely Focused
Q. Summarize in three words why you like working at Organica.
A. The Opportunity, People and the Vision
Q. What would you name as the main differentiator in what makes Organica a unique or good workplace to be involved in?
A. Transparency, open-mindedness, ZERO politics.
Q. What is one goal you would like to achieve in your lifetime?
A. Have no regrets about the way I lived my life.
Q. Outside of working for Organica, what are some of your hobbies?
A. Golf, driving, trying to keep in shape.
Q. What’s one quote, mantra or lesson that you live your life by?
A. If you don’t understand something, question it and try to understand because only two things will happen after that – either you will understand, or you will end up finding a mistake and therefore improving something. Either way, you [and your company] will win.