Posted on September 8, 2015

Meet “Wastewater Dan”!

We are delighted to introduce our new permanent guest blogger, Daniel L. Theobald, President of Environmental Services.

About Daniel L. Theobald

I am Daniel L. Theobald (aka “Wastewater Dan”), proprietor of Environmental Services. I am a professional wastewater and safety consultant/trainer with more than 24 years of hands-on industry experience operating many variants of wastewater treatment processing units and am eager to share with others my knowledge about water conservation. I can be reached at: or

My background includes the following:

  • Started Operating Wastewater Treatment Plants in 1987
  • Started Training Wastewater Treatment Operators in 1989
  • Became Certified Wastewater Trainer in 1991
  • Started Wastewater Consulting full time in 1997
  • Started Publishing Articles in 2012
  • Started Live TV Appearances in 2015

Guest Blogging Experience

Why publish on Organica Water’s blog?

I share Organica’s vision of sustainable wastewater management and their position as a thought leader in the water/wastewater industry – this is a way to get involved in sharing ideas while promoting a healthy and environment!

What kind of content can readers expect from me?

I hope to share my take on achieving and maintaining healthy wastewater and water in our environment given my extensive experience in the industry (spanning consulting, educating and training).

If you are interested in writing a guest blog for Organica Water or becoming a permanent guest blogger, please email or contact us here for more information.