Organica Water is pleased to announce the launch of a new social marketing campaign through LinkedIn, titled Organica Water Life. In addition to our main Organica Water LinkedIn page, we now have the option to add a “Life” page. This “Life” page features additional company information and has the ability to attract more clients and create brand equity by providing a unique, customized look into the culture, values, and our mission.

This page provides additional articles, cultural insights to company language and culture, as well as photos from Organica Water plants and offices globally. The Life tab, featured on the homepage of Organica Water’s company LinkedIn page, can be found on the right side in a box titled “Life.”

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This feature highlights what makes the six different Organica Water offices unique, well-rounded and innovative to the industry. With this “Life” feature, Organica Water is able to convey the Organica solution to LinkedIn users, both inside and outside of the industry, creating an increased awareness and understanding to individuals who may be interested in a career or becoming a new client with the company. The Life feature is extremely beneficial to Organica, it accentuates employer branding and creates a larger market awareness. This is a great tool to use for recruitment and is very important for driving sales, as well.

The Organica Water LinkedIn Life page can be viewed here:

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