PRINCETON, N.J.July 25, 2018 — Throughout 2018, Organica Water’s momentum is accelerating. Organica has built capacity to serve over 800 thousand people with 9 new treatment plants in 6 countries. This growth has put Organica Water’s treatment plants operating or in construction total exceeding 100 plants globally. Organica’s iconic botanical garden like treatment plants are coming on line in ChinaDubaiIndonesiaSouth AfricaPhilippines, and India treating over 130,000 m3/d. The speed in which these projects are to be delivered is uniquely fast paced and perfectly suited for Organica’s solutions.

Organica 2018 Slide

  • Wusong-Shanghai – The plant will be capable of treating the wastewater production of up to 70 thousand households and is a good example of what is happening throughout cities in China. Municipality faced the choice of either moving the plant outside of the densely populated city or upgrading to new, stricter standards with Organica’s beautiful and space saving solution. The adoption of Organica in one of the most progressive urban population centers in the world is an important milestone, indicative of the game changing nature of the Organica solution in the urban water cycle.
  • Laguna Technopark – Located 30kms south of Metro Manila, Philippines, this facility is bringing both economical and societal benefits to the local area. With a capacity of more than 6 thousand m3/d, this plant is not only solving wastewater needs but also serves as a prime example that wastewater can be an aesthetically pleasing endeavour, while sustaining surrounding property values.
  • Verulam – This first Bluehouse facility has played a key role in introducing the Organica Solution to South Africa. As a containerized unit, it was delivered and commissioned in record short time while maintaining all the desired features of an Organica full-sized plant. Located near Durban, the plant’s capacity is used in alleviating stress on the local wastewater treatment facility, while its compact and mobile structure make it easily transportable around the country.
  • Bhatpara – The rejuvenation of the Ganga River in India is a project that’s top priority for the Indian Government. With the successful start-up of a 31 MLD treatment plant in Bhatpara, this plant will process wastewater needs for over 52 thousand households and supply water for various developing industries. This will lead to efficient capital deployment and rapid project development cycles, quickening the rejuvenation process greatly.
  • Surya Cipta – The coveted Surya Cipta City of Industry, located close to Karawang, Indonesia, is seeing growth and development at a rapid rate. With that, its water and wastewater infrastructure must remain resilient to the increasing impact of water on the systems. Organica’s facility has a capacity of 10 thousand m3/d and is showing a new, more efficient way to meet the rising demand.
  • Dubai Investment Park – This facility currently treats domestic, commercial and industrial wastewater to reuse for irrigation, coming from the Dubai Investment Park and all the neighbouring households. It’s treatment capacity of over 3 thousand m3/d is the equivalent to over 5 thousand households. This garden like facility serves as the first of its kind in this market, where new water reuse solutions are high in demand.
  • Shangyou – China is the first step in bringing the area’s capacity up to standards and is meeting growing demand with its 5 thousand m3/d facility in Jiangxi. The facility is collocated to residential areas and is a prime example how wastewater treatment can be integrated in the urban fabric with the help of the Organica solution.
  • Dalian Huangnichuan – With being a famous University town and also a dynamic Industrial area in China, this facility solves quite a few wastewater infrastructural challenges. With the incomplete drainage system and untreated water being directly discharged into the Dalian river, the facility’s 10 thousand m3/d capacity is capable of handling the equivalent of 16 thousand households to reuse discharge levels.
  • Beidai River – This high-profile city in China is famous for serving as luxury vacation centre for the country. As such, it serves as an important milestone of the rising awareness for most progressive wastewater treatment solutions. The Organica plant, with its small footprint and garden like appearance will be displayed as an example to be followed in other parts of the country. The project is part of the first phase of creating and extending the region’s wastewater treatment capacity to 100 thousand m3/d. The facility’s 30 thousand m3/d is generating effluent discharges of Class 1A, which is amongst the strictest limits in the world.

Communities around the world are increasing their attention to sanitary wastewater treatment and wanting to act fast. At Organica we have the best team, the design software and the technology solutions to address community needs in months rather than years.