Organica Water is pleased to announce that it recently inaugurated the first Organica-powered Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in the Philippines, a country with more than 100 million people and less than 30% of wastewater treated. This 6,500 m3/d Organica facility will have the capacity to treat wastewater from ~15,000 residential homes. The new facility is located directly between an industrial area and a residential area that is currently being further developed with new residential homes.  The beautiful, odor-free, botanical-garden like facility will act as a wastewater showcase for the country, highlighting the economic and societal benefits of employing Organica’s unique approach to wastewater management.

This facility is located at Laguna Technopark, an industrial park near the Laguna lake 30 kms (18.5 miles) south of Metro Manila.  Organica’s customer for this project is Laguna Water, a wholey owned subsidary of Manila Water, one of the leading water copanies in the world.  In early April, Attila Bodnár, EVP and Co-Founder of Organica, attended the ceremonial opening of the facility along with the Governor of Laguna Province, Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Santa Rosa City, and various other executives from Ayala Group, Manila Water, and the Philippine national government.  Comment on the opening, Bodnar said ”The Laguna facility highlights the economic benefits of ”localized” approach Organica employes.  By treating the water in a beatiful garden we drive lower infrastructure costs, increased land value, and enable cost efficient of the treated water.”  He continued ”We are pleased to have done this project for Manila Water and look forward to more projects in the future together as we bring our special brand of environment friendly, sustainable, wastewater treatment solutions to SE Asia.”