Organica Water is pleased to announce the launch of yet another new social marketing campaign addition through LinkedIn, titled the Organica Water Food Chain Reactor (FCR) showcase page.

In addition to our main Organica Water LinkedIn page and our Organica “Life” page, we now have added the showcase page. The showcase page feature on LinkedIn is an extension of the company page, designed for spotlighting a specific department, mission or initiative of the company. With this page, Organica is able to target audiences narrowed for what the page is specifically targeting, in this case the Organica FCR.

fcr page 01
With the addition of this showcase page, Organica has the ability to attract more clients and create brand equity by providing a unique, customized look into the company. This page provides additional articles and cultural insights to specific areas of Organica that don’t need to be posted on the company page. The showcase page allows for targeted company updates and sponsored content with LinkedIn members who can follow the aspects of the company that they’re interested in. The showcase page can be found on the Organica LinkedIn main page, to the right hand side under “Affiliated pages.”

fcr page 02
Organica Water is able to convey the Organica solution to LinkedIn users, both inside and outside of the industry, creating an increased awareness and understanding to individuals who may be interested in a career or becoming a new client with the company. The showcase feature is extremely beneficial to Organica, it accentuates employer branding and creates a larger market awareness for solutions that the company can offer clients. This is a great tool to use for recruitment and is very important for driving sales, as well. Updates on the Organica FCR will be posted to this showcase page periodically. Follow the Organica Food Chain Reactor (FCR) showcase page here: Organica Solution Showcase LinkedIn Page