In today’s challenging and ever-changing wastewater industry, private companies need to partner with WWTP (Wastewater Treatment Plant) owners and operators in order to run successful operations. There is increased pressure for WWTP owners and operators around the world to deliver clean effluent water that is:

  1. cleaner than the river they are supplying and
  2. clean enough for reuse in irrigation or industrial processes.

To meet these challenges, Organica Water is providing the necessary hardware, software, and expertise for partnering with WWTP owners and operators to succeed. Here at Organica, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide value to our partnerships.

Along with integrating current hardware, Organica determines the optimal number of additional sensors and automation/controls to both efficiently monitor and enhance facility operations. In addition, through machine learning and artificial intelligence, Organica introduces software to connect and analyze wastewater data, while continuously monitoring and providing reports, alarms and trends to experts. Considering this momentum, we, at Organica, have opened our Plant Performance Centers in Budapest and Shanghai in order to both analyze alerts and work with operators to predict, prevent and prescribe solutions to achieve operational success for our partners.


The Plant Performance Centers are innovation incubators that assist with operation and maintenance of plants around the world. Each facility is unique, and our experts work with operators to determine the right level service, and to develop a common set of success criteria specific to each plant. This type of partnership gives your staff extended reach into wastewater expertise and the necessary support for any situation.

Forward thinking WWTP owners and operators should reach out to the Organica Water team to get a free hour of consultation.