Organica Operational Supervision Services

A partnership for seamless and efficient facility performance

To ensure your Organica facility operates at optimum performance, Organica offers a range of supervision services. Our dedicated team of engineers provide site operators with their deep knowledge developed over 15 years, supported by the latest analytical tools, advancements and continuous research.

Standard Service Levels

Organica Operational Supervision Services come in three standard packages, allowing you to select the right service level for your needs.

* Instrument maintenance is the responsibility of the site operator, and needs to be carried out regularly to ensure reliability of operational data

Remote Supervision

Real-time assistance

To maximise data reliability, we employ a sophisticated data quality evaluation software to collect and evaluate operational information provided by the onsite monitoring instrumentation. Organica engineers have remote access to this information to assist with alarms and troubleshooting (Level 1 package). With the Level 2 and 3 packages, these alarms are transferred directly to Organica for coordination and prompt analysis. In all cases, our expert team studies the issues that cause the alarm and then provides recommended actions to restore reliable performance of the facility.

Process Optimisation with Benefit Sharing

Collaboration for cost-efficiency

Taking advantage of our latest process model improvements, we constantly analyse facility operating information collected through the online instruments. With this data, we can test various control strategies using our latest process models, as well as our extensive data library from other sites. Based on the results and operator preference Organica engineers then determine the optimal operating plan for that specific WWTP, and remotely test various control strategy changes to meet the goals, which may include improving effluent quality, minimising energy consumption and/or reduce sludge production, or optimising chemical usage. In exchange for this service, realised operational cost savings will be divided between you and Organica. Through this unique benefit-sharing, our engineers can ensure the facility runs at optimal performance, generating real cost savings for you with very little fixed cost.

Instrument Maintenance

Securing data reliability on site

As having accurate operational data is indispensable during remote monitoring, our local staff provides regular instrument maintenance onsite. Receiving high-quality data will enable us to deliver high-quality services to you.

On-Site Check and Consultation

Local professional support

During regular on-site inspections, Organica service professionals collect and analyse detailed information about facility operation and equipment condition. Based on the information, our staff provides operational optimisation support to maximise efficiency and minimise downtime.

Extended Warranty

Beyond the standard Organica Biomodule and Organica Scallop Discfilter warranty terms, our extended warranty also covers defects resulting from wear and tear and accidental damage, for an extended period.

Organica Process Control System

Organica leverages the Siemens Simatic family of products, along with market-leading analytical instrumentation from s::can to deliver a sophisticated and highly automated control system for each Organica-powered facility. This trusted platform enables seamless operation, efficient process management and real-time remote access to operational data for our engineering team.

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