Taking up new challenges is really deep into the DNA of our Organicans, and this is something that they do in every aspect of their lives. Following a suggestion from our partner in the UAE and Oman, Corodex Industries, a number of Organicans decided to take the challenge and join them for the Daman World Triathlon in Abu Dhabi, on Saturday, March 9, 2019. Members from Organica Water competing in the challenge are Akhil Barar (COO), Alejandro Roman (Senior Sales Director, Strategic Projects Group) and Oscar Palomino (Senior Proposal Manager, Strategic Projects Group), who will join Mohanned Awad (Regional Director) and other members of the Corodex Industries team for the event.

This will be the first triathlon competition for some of our colleagues, who will have 6 exciting and intense weeks of training ahead to prepare for the competition. We will keep you informed on the progress of the training and all the action on the race day.


2019 marks the fifth consecutive year that Abu Dhabi finds itself the focus of world triathlon, as it hosts the season-opener of the ITU’s World Triathlon Series – building up to the ITU Grand Final which will be hosted in Abu Dhabi in 2022! Organica Water is excited and motivated to train for this challenge over the next six weeks!


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